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To whom is PICNet accountable?

PICNet works closely with its infection prevention and control health authority and Ministry partners, which is designed to ensure that its members represent a wide spectrum of expertise and experience, while ensuring representation from all BC Health Authorities. Expertise and experience includes not just specific professional expertise, but also knowledge and experience in the varied physical and institutional environments across the province.

PICNet team members are accountable to the PICNet Network Director for carrying out their roles and responsibilities. The PICNet Network Director works in partnership with Medical Co-Directors who are appointed by the PHSA VP for Clinical Improvement and Transformation. PICNet is accountable to the PHSA Executive Leadership team.

PICNet provides expert advice to the Ministry of Health through the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Branch.

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Who belongs to PICNet’s Community of Practice?

PICNet’s Community of Practice consists of all healthcare providers involved in infection prevention, surveillance and control of healthcare associated infections across BC. This includes, but is not limited to, environmental health officers, epidemiologists, infection control professionals, infectious disease physicians, medical health officers, medical microbiologists, public health nurses and physicians, and occupational health nurses and physicians.

How do I become a member of PICNet’s Community of Practice?

We invite all healthcare providers in BC to become part of PICNet’s Community of Practice. Join our Community of Practice to be added to our distribution lists. Joining the CoP will also give you access to the Webber Training Teleclasses.

What does PICNet do?

PICNet connects healthcare professionals from across the province to develop and create guidelines and tools, with a focus on infection prevention and control surveillance, evidence-based practice, and education.

Am I allowed to re-use PICNet resources?

Yes – more details about PICNet’s Creative Commons licensing are on our Resources page.

How do I get involved with PICNet?

The successes of PICNet’s projects are a result of the voluntary work of our Working Groups. You can get involved with PICNet by:

  • submitting a project pre-proposal checklist
  • working with us to produce guidelines, toolkits and resources that can be shared across the province
  • contacting us with your interest in joining a group
  • attending our educational events

And stay updated with our activities by subscribing to our monthly newsletter!

Where is the PICNet office located?

Mailing Address:
Provincial Infection Control Network of BC
1001 West Broadway, Suite 504
Vancouver, BC V6H 4B1
Telephone: 604-875-4844 x 22985