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Hand Cleaning Compliance

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Hand Cleaning Compliance (Auditing) Reports

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Compliance Auditing

In 2012, provincial auditing of hand hygiene compliance in acute care facilities commenced. The methods of auditing vary from facility to facility; some do self auditing, while others have hired external auditors. The compliance data are sent quarterly to PICNet, and compiled into reports. In 2014, the provincial auditing expanded to include long-term care facilities.

Annual Report:

Annual Surveillance Report for the fiscal year 2018-2019

Reports on provincial hand cleaning compliance are published quarterly. Data are collected by all the health authorities, and submitted to PICNet for analysis and reporting. The reports are reviewed by the Provincial Hand Hygiene Working Group (PHHWG).

Audits for hand hygiene compliance focus on before and after contact with either the patient or the patient’s environment. Each health authority audits their healthcare workers’ hand hygiene slightly differently, depending on the resources available; however, they all collect the same basic information.

The compliance rate is derived by dividing the number of compliant hand hygiene opportunities (before and after contact with the patient or patient environment) by the number of total hand hygiene opportunities (before and after contact with the patient or patient environment).

% = compliant opportunities / total opportunities

You can find the Provincial Hand Hygiene Guidelines, as well as other resources, under the Guidelines & Toolkits – Hand Hygiene menu.