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Environmental Cleaning & Disinfection

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BC Guidelines

British Columbia Best Practices for Environmental Cleaning for Prevention and Control of Infections in All Healthcare Settings and Programs
Created by: Provincial Infection Control Network of BC
September 2016

Ministry of Health Policy Communiqué regarding the phased implementation of the guidelines (please note: the communiqué refers to the guidelines document, above, as Appendix A)

Environmental cleaning and disinfection in clinic settings quick reference guide
Developed by: PICNet and BC Ministry of Health
January 2024

Guidelines and Resources from Other Jurisdictions

First Nations Health Authority Housekeeping Manual (2016)
This is a great, easy-to-understand booklet for staff; we highly recommend sharing it.

Public Health Ontario Environmental Cleaning Toolkit (2019)

Evidence Reviews

Effectiveness of Alternative Antimicrobial Agents for Disinfection of Hard Surfaces
Created by: National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health