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Toolkit with 20 Activities

PICNet’s Infection Control Week Planning and Communications Toolkit has lots of great activity ideas that you can use throughout the year… not just for Infection Control Week! Download the document to read all 20 activity ideas.

ArrowRed Download the 2018 Toolkit

Here are just a few of them:

Songs, Videos, and Flash Mobs

Get your staff involved in creative projects like:

Handwashing Demonstrations

CaughtRedHandedWith poster paint and gloves
• 1 or 2 bottles of poster paint – bright red works well against blue gloves
• Surgical gloves (assorted sizes)

  1. Have everyone put on surgical gloves, then squirt about 5mL of poster paint into each person’s hand
  2. Have them cover their eyes and “wash” their hands with the paint, as if it is hand sanitizer
  3. When they open their eyes, they will see which areas of their hands they missed
  4. Next, have them try to remove the gloves without contaminating their hands
  5. And then… check to see whether anyone has paint on their hands (teaching point: gloves can leak!)

GloGermHandWith Glo Germ or similar UV product
• UV-visible powder
• UV light
• handwashing facilities

  1. Have everyone coat their hands in the UV powder
  2. Then, everyone washes their hands (and make sure each person has to turn on and off the taps, if the taps are not automatic!)
  3. (Also, put some UV product on the door handles if the hand washing facilities are in another room!)
  4. After people have washed and dried their hands, shine the UV light on their hands so they can see what areas they missed.

Activities that Stick!

LightbulbIdeaStudies have shown that if people are asked to come up with their own ideas, the ideas ‘stick’ much better. So you can ask your staff to brainstorm their own solutions to infection control issues, such as:

  • How to ensure all staff to clean their hands
  • How to remind people which kinds of encounters require hand hygiene
  • How to encourage patient/resident hand hygiene

You might be surprised at what they come up with (and prize incentives for best ideas help, too!)

Infection Control Sherlock Holmes

Detective_smSet up an infection crime scene and invite detectives to come solve the clues!
Download the Sherlock Holmes Game Plan.











All the above resources are freely available for use under a Creative Commons license. See license details.