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Provincial IPAC Steering Committee

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The role of the Provincial IPAC Steering Committee (PISC), formerly known as the Scientific Operations Advisory Committee (SOAC), is to review and provide advice to PICNet on its strategic directions and to provide expert advice on best practices for infection prevention and control. The PISC is comprised of appointed Operational and Medical Leads and Scientific Experts. Operational and Medical Leads are appointed by each health authority to serve as champions within their own jurisdictions for infection prevention and control. Scientific Experts (in Medical Microbiology, Occupational and Public Health, Infectious Diseases and Infection Prevention and Control) are appointed by PICNet to provide expertise in their profession or discipline.


How can you get involved?

PICNet relies on its Community of Practice to participate in committees, provide input on draft documents, respond to surveys, and more. We welcome your input, questions, suggestions… and don’t forget we have a Project Proposal Form if you want suggest a project. PICNet remains a network, and we are here to serve you!