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IPAC News for the week of April 4 – 8, 2022

Diagnostic and public health investigation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in a dog in Ontario, Canada. Journal 


Gram-negative central line-associated bloodstream infection incidence peak during the summer: a national seasonality cohort study. Journal 


Experts say it’s time for a renewed COVID vaccination strategy in Ontario. News


China sends in military to help with Shanghai COVID outbreak. News


Ferrero chocolate linked to multi-country Salmonella outbreak. News  


Shanghai lockdowns extended in ‘extremely grim’ COVID-19 outbreak. News


Ontario sees COVID-19 hospitalizations jump 40 per cent in one week. News


Toronto pediatrician concerned some COVID cases being mistook for hand, foot and mouth disease. News


Ontario offering 4th COVID-19 vaccine dose to everyone 60 and up starting tomorrow. News


Bird flu outbreak: Can humans contract the virus? Expert weighs in. News   


Ontario’s 6th wave of COVID-19: How bad will it get? News


People have false sense of security about Covid risks among friends – study. News  


Vaccinated Canadians can have COVID-19 symptoms despite testing negative. Here’s why. News


‘No lid on the pot anymore’: Sharp COVID-19 rise concerning health experts, leaders. News


Covid infections show signs of plateauing in UK. News