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COVID-19 Lessons Learned – Throwback Thursdays Lunch & Learn Sessions

PICNet is excited to inform our Community of Practice that starting in May 2021, we will be hosting a series of on-line lunch and learn sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to provide all of us with an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on COVID-19 experiences in health care and affiliated community settings
  • Identify key lessons learned for current and future pandemic planning

Presenter Opportunities

We are seeking presenters to share their COVID-19 experiences and expertise from a variety of health care settings as it relates to Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC). The intention of this opportunity is to provide a venue for IPAC and other health care professionals to learn from one another and hear about the experiences of others. The pandemic has created and strengthened many interdisciplinary partnerships with IPAC. We strongly encourage IPAC professionals to co-present with your partners in environmental services, clinical education, and facilities maintenance & operations, just to name a few!

Some suggested presentation topics include: understanding and adherence to infection prevention and control practices, personal protective equipment challenges, outbreak mitigation in different settings, psychological safety, human resource challenges, education and training, infrastructure adaptations and supporting alternative care settings.

The presentations will need to describe your experiences during COVID-19. These are the key questions:

  • What were the challenges you encountered and how did you overcome them?
  • What successes did you achieve?
  • What partnerships developed as a result? How was the partnership beneficial and how did you leverage the connection made in order to create positive outcomes?
  • If you were to face a similar challenge in the future, what top 3-5 lessons would you share with your future self, based on what you have learned from COVID-19?

The ideal presentation time will be 15-20 minutes with an additional 5-10 minutes for questions from the audience. Sessions will be for 1 hour long, with 2 presentations for each session.

Suggested dates are:

  • Thursdays May 6, 13, 20 from 12-1pm
  • Thursdays June 3, 10, 17, 24 from 12-1pm

To support a culture of open knowledge sharing and quality improvement, PICNet will not be posting, recording or distributing the presentations. To submit your expression of interest and for more instructions about the presentation, please click on Lunch and Learn Presenter Form.

Please feel free to share this information with others who may be interested in presenting or co-presenting with you.


Participant Registration

Registration information for the sessions will be communicated to our community of practice once the sessions are finalized.  Please stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing all of you at our virtual lunch and learn sessions!