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IPAC News for the week of May 23 – 26, 2023

The effectiveness of a dedicated central venous access care team to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infection in a private hospital. Journal

Canadian antenatal COVID-19 seroprevalence study; population mapping of the COVID-19 pandemic utilizing stored antenatal sera. Journal

Nova Scotia lifts COVID-19 health order, no more weekly case reporting. News

How the World Health Organization could fight future pandemics. News

Manitoba chiropractor cleared of misconduct after posting pro-vaccine news story. News

South Africans blame gov’t as cholera outbreak kills 15. News

Chicago mpox outbreak raises alarm over summer spread. News

Deadly suspected fungal infections in Texas residents linked to surgeries in Matamoros, Mexico. News

Namibia declares outbreak of Crimean-Congo fever after patient dies. News

U.S. study finds 1 in 10 get long COVID after Omicron, starts identifying key symptoms. News

Norovirus outbreak linked to California restaurant sickens nearly 100. News

COVID pill Paxlovid gets full U.S. FDA approval after more than a year of emergency use. News