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Updated GI Outbreak Guidelines

PICNet’s Gastrointestinal Infection Outbreak Guidelines for Healthcare Facilities have been updated. The changes and additions are summarized below:

  1. Evidence has been weighted according to new Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Rating Scale for Strength and Quality of Evidence (inserted as Appendix).
  2. A summary of recommendations with evidence weighting was added.
  3. Small wording revisions throughout the document to provide better clarity
  4. BCCDC laboratory links and processes were updated.
  5. A section on evolving technology to enhance housekeeping efforts (ultraviolet lights, ozone based systems, vaporized hydrogen peroxide) was added. These are briefly discussed, but there is not enough evidence for a recommendation.
  6. Wording that is consistent with the Guide Dog and Service Dog Act is included in the section on Animals and Pets.

We would like to thank the Guidelines Revisions Working Group for all their work on this. You can download the new guidelines here.