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Webber Training - Archive

    • CBIC UPDATE 2024

      Date: October 24th, 2024


      Date: May 23rd, 2024


      Date: May 3rd, 2024  


      Date: April 25th, 2024  


      Date: April 11th, 2024  


      Date: April 2nd, 2024  


      Date: March 21st, 2024


      Date: March 14th, 2024  


      Date: March 7th, 2024  


      Date: February 29th, 2024  


      Date: February 27th, 2024  


      Date: February 8th, 2024  


      Date: January 18th, 2024  


      Date: January 11th, 2024  

    • The future of outbreaks

      Date: December 14th, 2023  

    • Hospital wastewater systems: origins of novel nosocomial bacteria

      Date: December 7th, 2023  

    • Quaternary ammonium-based disinfectants: advantages, disadvantages, and safety concerns

      Date: November 16th, 2023  

    • Pulling the plug on the sink drain

      Date: October 26th, 2023  

    • Special lecture for clean hospitals day

      Date: October 20th, 2023  

    • CBIC update 2023

      Date: October 19th, 2023  

    • Management practices to support infection prevention

      Date: October 12th, 2023  

    • Mental health, healthy lifestyle behaviors and organizational wellness support during the covid-19 pandemic in infection prevention professionals: implications for action

      Date: September 28th, 2023  

    • Factors influencing opportunistic premise plumbing pathogens

      Date: September 21st, 2023  

    • Cost-effectiveness of strategies to control the spread of CPE in hospitals

      Date: August 24th, 2023  

    • Understanding the “immunity debt” to common infections during the covid-19 pandemic

      Date: August 15th, 2023  

    • The emergence of zoonoses: downstream impacts on human health and long-term care

      Date: August 10th, 2023  

    • **POSTPONED**Steps toward zero CLABSI

      Date: July 20th, 2023

    • Changing hand hygiene behaviour: nudging concepts

      Date: June 8th, 2023  

    • Scientific communications to the public during a pandemic and beyond

      Date: May 29th, 2023

    • The psychology of pandemics

      Date: May 29th, 2023  

    • Non-catheter-associated urinary tract infections

      Date: May 18th, 2023  

    • — POSTPONED — The fungus among us: the emergence of a highly resistant fungus in the healthcare system

      Date: May 11th, 2023

    • Special Lecture for 5 May

      Date: May 5th, 2023

    • — POSTPONED — Hospital wastewater systems: origins of novel nosocomial bacteria

      Date: April 20th, 2023

    • Unintended consequences of infection prevention and control measures during COVID-19 pandemic

      Date: April 11th, 2023

    • Respiratory infection prevention: perceptions, barriers and facilitators

      Date: April 4th, 2023  

    • The environment, the tick, and the pathogen – it’s an ensemble

      Date: March 23rd, 2023  

    • Homecare & hospice – standardizing infection surveillance

      Date: March 9th, 2023  

    • Using electronic systems to monitor hand hygiene: strategies to promote update

      Date: March 7th, 2023  

    • Surfaces – a foundational issue in infection control

      Date: February 2nd, 2023  

    • Personal protective equipment implementation in healthcare settings

      Date: January 26th, 2023  

    • Using humor in infection prevention

      Date: January 12th, 2023  

    • Sharing knowledge: learning from those who have challenged the CIC

      Date: November 10th, 2022  

    • Where is the strength of evidence? A review of infection prevention and control guidelines

      Date: November 9th, 2022  

    • CIC… pathways to certification

      Date: November 3rd, 2022  

    • Special lecture for clean hospitals day

      Date: October 20th, 2022  

    • *POSTPONED* Addressing MRSA bacteraemia in a highly endemic hospital – a behaviour change approach

      Date: October 11th, 2022

    • *POSTPONED* No man is an island – the utility of link workers in enhancing IPC programs in healthcare settings

      Date: September 29th, 2022

    • Reservoirs of pathogens: the microbiological risks of respiratory medical devices

      Date: September 20th, 2022  

    • Influenza: what we can expect

      Date: September 15th, 2022  

    • The cost-effectiveness of temporary single-patient rooms to reduce the risk of HAI

      Date: September 13th, 2022  

    • Healthcare associate pneumonia – why should we bother and what can we do?

      Date: August 9th, 2022  

    • Risk factors for the environmental spread of different multidrug-resistant organisms

      Date: July 27th, 2022  

    • **POSTPONED** Sharing knowledge: Learning from those who have challenged the CIC

      Date: June 30th, 2022

    • Pulling the plug on the sink drain

      Date: June 9th, 2022  

    • C. Difficile asymptomatic carriers: should we worry about them?

      Date: May 19th, 2022  

    • Prevention and management of post-operative sepsis

      Date: May 12th, 2022  

    • Special lecture for who clean hands day

      Date: May 5th, 2022  

    • How do we imagine our future? The infection prevention “crystal ball initiative”

      Date: April 28th, 2022  

    • Management practices for leaders to promote infection prevention

      Date: April 7th, 2022  

    • **POSTPONED** – Infection control in correctional facilities

      Date: March 17th, 2022

    • Hand hygiene: not just for health care workers anymore!!

      Date: March 10th, 2022  

    • Benefits and potential unintended consequences of routine Chlorhexidine bathing in healthcare facilities

      Date: March 3rd, 2022  

    • Vaccine hesitancy… what’s happening?

      Date: February 24th, 2022  

    • Assessing the clinical accuracy of a hand hygiene system

      Date: February 17th, 2022  

    • Clinical syndromes and conditions warranting empiric transmission based precautions

      Date: January 27th, 2022  

    • POSTPONED – One health for human health clinicians – in light of COVID-19, are we approaching a ‘tipping point’?

      Date: January 13th, 2022

    • COVID-19 as dress rehearsal: the rise of disease X

      Date: December 16th, 2021  

    • Emerging fungal infections and infection prevention and control

      Date: December 2nd, 2021  

    • Discovering and transforming the inner ICP educator: exploring core elements of an innovative professional’s experience

      Date: November 4th, 2021  

    • Hand hygiene reloaded

      Date: October 28th, 2021  

    • Clean hospitals day 2021: why environmental hygiene is more important than ever

      Date: October 20th, 2021  

    • Common features of waterborne pathogens in healthcare facilities: why are they so challenging?

      Date: October 14th, 2021  

    • Infection control and prevention in long-term care facilities and healthcare laundry

      Date: October 7th, 2021  

    • (FREE European Teleclass – Broadcast live from the Infection Prevention Society conference) Ayliffe Lecture … Past, present and future**NO LIVE BROADCAST**

      Date: September 29th, 2021  

    • (FREE European Teleclass – Broadcast live from the Infection Prevention Society conference) Cottrell Lecture-Infection prevention through a different lens **NO LIVE BROADCAST**

      Date: September 27th, 2021  

    • Twindemics of Influenza, COVID, and RSV

      Date: September 23rd, 2021  

    • Antimicrobial resistance and infection prevention – we have met the enemy and he is us

      Date: September 16th, 2021  

    • Home health & hospice aides: preventing and controlling infections when providing personal care in the home

      Date: August 12th, 2021  

    • Pandemic impact on healthcare laundry in acute care and long term care facilities – POSTPONED

      Date: July 15th, 2021

    • Continuous active anti-viral coatings

      Date: June 24th, 2021

    • Emerging pathogens – have we learned any lessons?

      Date: May 27th, 2021  

    • Complacency about diseases, anxiety about vaccines: the Meningitis perspective

      Date: May 20th, 2021  

    • (European Teleclass) The Norway experience controlling the Coronavirus Pandemic **NO LIVE BROADCAST**

      Date: May 11th, 2021  

    • Hand Hygiene at the Point of Care **NO LIVE BROADCAST**

      Date: May 5th, 2021  

    • Returning to work during COVID-19 **NO LIVE BROADCAST**

      Date: April 21st, 2021  

    • COVID-19 and the global virus network

      Date: April 15th, 2021  

    • Healthcare water & sanitary services – the price of poor design, construction, usage and maintenance ** NO LIVE BROADCAST **

      Date: April 8th, 2021  

    • Safety in the medical device reprocessing department

      Date: March 25th, 2021  

    • Heater-coolers: Mycobacterial introduction, behavior and disinfection

      Date: March 11th, 2021  

    • *POSTPONED* Continuous active anti-viral coatings

      Date: February 25th, 2021

    • The New Zealand COVID-19 response – lessons learned ** NO LIVE BROADCAST **

      Date: February 17th, 2021  

    • Supporting the psychological safety and wellbeing of healthcare workers through uncertain times

      Date: February 4th, 2021  

    • COVID update: focus on vaccines

      Date: January 28th, 2021

    • COVID in nursing homes

      Date: January 21st, 2021

    • COVID fakery

      Date: January 14th, 2021

    • COVID-19 and vaccination

      Date: December 17th, 2020  

    • Making behaviour change interventions effective by applying behaviour change theory

      Date: December 10th, 2020

    • Effectively monitoring hand hygiene: direct observation only or combined with automated monitoring

      Date: December 3rd, 2020

    • Emerging fungal infections and infection prevention and control *POSTPONED

      Date: November 19th, 2020

    • Influenza diagnosis, transmission and control in an everyday hospital setting *POSTPONED

      Date: November 12th, 2020

    • Infection prevention and control in home healthcare – findings from two large multi-method studies

      Date: November 5th, 2020

    • Can we halve gram-negative bloodstream infections? A debate ** no live broadcast

      Date: October 20th, 2020  

    • Clean hospitals: the next frontier in infection prevention

      Date: October 20th, 2020

    • The value of certification: what’s in it for me?

      Date: October 15th, 2020

    • Waterborne pathogens: why is their profile changing?

      Date: September 24th, 2020

    • Reprocessing of critical foot care devices

      Date: September 17th, 2020

    • Look what the cat scratched in – pet-associated zoonoses, what’s new and relevant for infection prevention and control

      Date: September 10th, 2020

    • Hospital laundry and C. difficile spore inactivation

      Date: August 26th, 2020

    • Polio eradication in India and takeaways for others

      Date: August 18th, 2020

    • AHEAD – a consolidated framework for behavioural infectious risks in acute care – part 2

      Date: August 13th, 2020

    • Cleaning and disinfection in the era of SARS-CoV-2

      Date: August 6th, 2020  

    • Improvement of hospital environmental cleaning and disinfection practices following an eight-month outbreak

      Date: July 23rd, 2020

    • The buzz around mosquitoes and mosquito-borne diseases

      Date: July 16th, 2020

    • Infection prevention and control in home care and hospice: common compliance issues

      Date: July 9th, 2020  

    • Antibiotic stewardship in nursing homes

      Date: February 27th, 2020

    • Developing and implementing a personal protective equipment programme for high-consequence infectious disease preparedness ** No live broadcast **

      Date: February 20th, 2020  

    • Malnutrition risk and healthcare infection – a MUST do

      Date: February 13th, 2020

    • Positive deviance and hand hygiene: what can we learn from the best?

      Date: January 30th, 2020  

    • A One-Health perspective on food security

      Date: January 23rd, 2020

    • Cleaning in Healthcare

      Date: December 18th, 2019

    • Prioritizing research areas for antibiotic stewardship programs

      Date: November 21st, 2019

    • Healthcare-associated pneumonia that is not ventilator-associated: big problem, but guideline-free zone

      Date: November 7th, 2019

    • Infection control issues in healthcare construction, part 2 – new builds

      Date: October 24th, 2019

    • Endoscope reprocessing: paradigm shift

      Date: October 10th, 2019

    • Beware of dry biofilms: the next challenge in infection control

      Date: October 3rd, 2019

    • Meat, monkeys and mosquitoes: a one health perspective on emerging diseases

      Date: September 12th, 2019  

    • Measures to prevent and control VRE: do they really matter?

      Date: September 5th, 2019  

    • How to engage and educate nurses in evidence-based practice

      Date: August 22nd, 2019

    • Bed bug prevention in the healthcare setting

      Date: August 15th, 2019

    • Diagnostic stewardship: modified culture testing to enhance antibiotic stewardship

      Date: July 25th, 2019

    • Infection control in pediatrics

      Date: July 16th, 2019

    • Superbugs: the centrality of human behaviour – a focus on filovirus outbreaks

      Date: July 9th, 2019  

    • SSI Surveillance strategies in under-resourced settings

      Date: June 13th, 2019

    • Broadcast live from the IPAC Canada conference: Adult learning styles

      Date: May 28th, 2019

    • Broadcast live from the IPAC Canada conference: Adapting IPAC in unconventional spaces

      Date: May 27th, 2019  

    • Immigrant and refugee populations: a public health and policy perspective on a continuing global crisis

      Date: May 16th, 2019

    • WHO teleclass – special lecture: Clean care for all – it’s in your hands!

      Date: May 3rd, 2019

    • Infection control issues in healthcare construction, part 1 – renovation

      Date: April 18th, 2019

    • Modern tools for bacterial identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing

      Date: April 9th, 2019  

    • Healthcare associated infection surveillance in the era of electronic health data

      Date: April 3rd, 2019  

    • Influenza and viral pneumonia

      Date: March 21st, 2019  

    • Going beyond the 5 moments

      Date: March 7th, 2019  

    • Collaborative clinical research to reduce infections

      Date: February 21st, 2019

    • The fallout of fake news in infection prevention, and why context matters

      Date: February 14th, 2019

    • The effectiveness of tuberculosis infection control strategy in high HIV/TB-burden settings

      Date: February 7th, 2019

    • Barriers and facilitators to Clostridium difficile infection prevention, a nursing perspective

      Date: January 31st, 2019  

    • The 2019 WHO Global Survey

      Date: January 17th, 2019

    • The best ways to get your hospital to talk about infection control

      Date: December 13th, 2018

    • Control of carbapenemase producing enterobacteriacae in an endemic setting: do classical IPC methods work for new age bugs? (recording)

      Date: December 12th, 2018  

    • Infectious disease highlights and lowlights in 2018, and what to expect in 2019

      Date: December 6th, 2018  

    • Neonatal sepsis prevention in low-resource settings

      Date: November 22nd, 2018

    • Hepatitis C in prisons – from individual care to viral eradication strategy: a benefit for the community

      Date: November 15th, 2018

    • Myths and facts regarding infection prevention and control in outbreak settings – POSTPONED

      Date: November 8th, 2018

    • “Ahead” – a consolidated framework for behavioural infectious risks in acute care

      Date: October 25th, 2018  

    • Infection prevention core practices: Resetting the bar for safe patient care – POSTPONED

      Date: October 18th, 2018

    • Infection control champions are made, not born

      Date: October 11th, 2018

    • Chlorhexidine use and bacterial resistance

      Date: September 27th, 2018  

    • The silent tsunami of azole-resistance in the opportunistic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus

      Date: September 20th, 2018

    • Molecular diagnostics and its role in infection prevention

      Date: September 6th, 2018  

    • Interpreting research evidence: A key skill for infection control professionals

      Date: August 16th, 2018  

    • Flood remediation in healthcare facilities: Infection control implications

      Date: July 19th, 2018

    • The future of infection control: Bright or bleak?

      Date: July 12th, 2018

    • Simulation as an education tool

      Date: May 29th, 2018  

    • Trekking safely through the storm: Managing complex IPAC issues

      Date: May 28th, 2018  

    • How the certification board of infection control (CBIC) works for you

      Date: May 10th, 2018

    • Topical antibiotics to prevent post-operative surgical infection: Is the paradigm changing?

      Date: April 19th, 2018  

    • Genetic similarities between organisms isolated from the ICU

      Date: April 18th, 2018  

    • Understanding risk perceptions and responses of the public, healthcare professionals, and the media: The case for Clostridium difficile

      Date: April 12th, 2018  

    • Hopes, hypes, and multivallate defences against antimicrobial resistance

      Date: April 10th, 2018  

    • Challenges and facilitators to nurse-driven antibiotic stewardship: Results from a multi-site qualitative study

      Date: March 22nd, 2018  

    • Clostridium difficile asymptomatic carriers: the hidden part of the iceberg

      Date: March 15th, 2018  

    • Climate change and the impact on infectious diseases

      Date: March 14th, 2018  

    • Infection prevention in nursing homes and palliative care

      Date: March 8th, 2018  

    • Root cause analysis to support infection control in healthcare premises

      Date: February 22nd, 2018

    • Improving the knowledge and receptiveness of medical students towards hand hygiene: Exploring new approaches

      Date: February 21st, 2018  

    • Refugee health: A new perspective for infection prevention and control

      Date: February 15th, 2018

    • Patients are your partners: Why and how this partnership works

      Date: February 8th, 2018

    • Practical approaches for monitoring cleaning in healthcare facilities

      Date: January 25th, 2018  

    • Using the right model to calculate the financial implications of Clostridium difficile infection

      Date: January 18th, 2018

    • Enhanced performance feedback and patient participation to improve hand hygiene compliance

      Date: December 14th, 2017

    • Beyond high-touch surfaces: floors, portable equipment, and other potential sources of healthcare infection transmission

      Date: December 7th, 2017

    • Cleaning the grey zones of hospitals: lessons from a community-based teaching hospital

      Date: November 16th, 2017  

    • WHO guidelines for the prevention and control of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Acinetobacter baumannii, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa in health care facilities

      Date: November 13th, 2017  

    • Infection control in paramedic services

      Date: October 26th, 2017  

    • Hand hygiene program successes in member countries of the INICC

      Date: October 16th, 2017

    • Strengthening IPAC structures through education in low-income or middle-income countries

      Date: October 12th, 2017

    • Infection control guidelines that did not work against Ebola

      Date: October 5th, 2017  

    • How to publish in the journals and why it matters

      Date: September 28th, 2017  

    • 10 Years of Evidence – From Information to Implementation

      Date: September 20th, 2017  

    • Infections without borders

      Date: September 20th, 2017  

    • What Makes Infection Prevention and Control Work?

      Date: September 18th, 2017  

    • Relationship between patient safety climate and adherence to standard precautions

      Date: September 14th, 2017  

    • Social media: useless or useful in infection prevention?

      Date: August 24th, 2017  

    • Learning infection control via games

      Date: August 10th, 2017

    • The psychology of hand hygiene: How to improve hand hygiene using behaviour change frameworks

      Date: July 13th, 2017  

    • Making sense of alphabet soup: Antimicrobial resistance in gram-negative bacilli

      Date: June 20th, 2017  

    • Using unofficial sources to monitor outbreaks of emerging infectious diseases: Lessons from ProMED

      Date: June 1st, 2017

    • The good the bad and the ugly: Methods for bedpan management

      Date: May 30th, 2017  

    • The airborne spread of infectious agents: survival and decontamination of human pathogens in indoor air

      Date: May 18th, 2017  

    • Fight antibiotic resistance: It’s in your hands

      Date: May 5th, 2017  

    • Cost analysis of universal screening vs. risk factor-based screening for MRSA

      Date: April 27th, 2017  

    • Do’s and Dont’s for hospital cleaning

      Date: April 25th, 2017  

    • Emerging antimicrobial resistance: A view (and response) from Down Under

      Date: April 12th, 2017  

    • Technologic innovations to prevent catheter-related bloodstream infections

      Date: April 6th, 2017  

    • Screening for Staph aureus before surgery … why bother?

      Date: March 30th, 2017  

    • Treatment of severe MRSA infections: current practice and further development

      Date: March 28th, 2017  

    • How to become CIC certified without becoming certifiable

      Date: March 16th, 2017

    • Evaluation of infection control training

      Date: March 9th, 2017  

    • The role of dry surface contamination in healthcare infection transmission

      Date: February 28th, 2017  

    • Using expert process to combat Clostridium difficile infections

      Date: February 23rd, 2017  

    • Knowledge gap about Ebola Virus Disease among health workers in hotspots in Sudan

      Date: February 2nd, 2017  

    • Heater-cooler unit associated mycobacterium chimaera infections: an outbreak in slow motion

      Date: January 26th, 2017  

    • The role of intersectional innovations in preventing infection

      Date: January 19th, 2017

    • Infection control in elderly care institutions: Where should we go?

      Date: December 15th, 2016

    • Viability of bacteria on fabrics

      Date: December 8th, 2016

    • Norovirus and healthcare facilities: How to keep the virus out and what to do when it gets in

      Date: November 10th, 2016

    • Antimicrobial environmental surfaces in healthcare settings: Can they really be beneficial?

      Date: October 27th, 2016

    • Collaboration and support of the CIC certification examination

      Date: October 20th, 2016

    • Update on strategies for cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in healthcare

      Date: October 13th, 2016

    • Adherence engineering to reduce CLABSI

      Date: September 29th, 2016

    • Debate: Contact precautions are essential for the management of patients with MDROs

      Date: September 27th, 2016

    • Hardware or software? Interventions for a sustainable IPAC program

      Date: September 22nd, 2016

    • Infection control and pet therapy

      Date: September 15th, 2016  

    • Use of hypochlorite (bleach) in healthcare facilities

      Date: August 18th, 2016

    • Can patient empowerment be used as a strategy to improve infection control compliance? (South Pacific teleclass)

      Date: August 10th, 2016

    • Results of qualitative research on implementation of IPAC best practice in European hospitals

      Date: July 14th, 2016

    • Sharps injury prevention (South Pacific teleclass)

      Date: June 29th, 2016  

    • Exploring the role of environmental surfaces in occupational infection prevention

      Date: June 23rd, 2016  

    • Strategies to reduce skin injury in critically ill patients

      Date: June 16th, 2016

    • Bridging the gap between research and practice in long-term care (Live from APIC)

      Date: June 13th, 2016  

    • Being heard: the infection preventionist and the organizational structure (Live from APIC)

      Date: June 13th, 2016  

    • Controlling the spread of VRE: Is active surveillance worthwhile?

      Date: June 9th, 2016  

    • Are your cleaning wipes safe? Evidence supporting the “one room – one wipe” approach in healthcare settings

      Date: June 2nd, 2016

    • Implementation of clinical indication dwell time for peripheral IV – check the patient not the clock

      Date: May 26th, 2016

    • What’s new in number 2? Update on diarrheal disease from a global perspective (From IPAC conference)

      Date: May 17th, 2016  

    • Physicians, farmers, and the politics of antibiotic resistance (From IPAC conference)

      Date: May 16th, 2016  

    • Infection prevention resources: A discussion of strategies to calculate appropriate IPC personnel resources

      Date: May 12th, 2016

    • Hand hygiene supports safe surgical care

      Date: May 5th, 2016  

    • Infection prevention and control with Accreditation Canada Qmentum program

      Date: April 28th, 2016  

    • Preventing invasive candida infections: Where could we do better?

      Date: April 7th, 2016

    • Successful implementation of CAUTI bundles: lessons learned

      Date: March 31st, 2016

    • The Global Mycobacterium Chimaera Outbreak In Cardiac Surgery

      Date: March 16th, 2016  

    • Barriers to TB infection control in developing countries

      Date: March 10th, 2016

    • MERS-COV: Implications for healthcare facilities

      Date: March 3rd, 2016  

    • Successful implementation strategy for the prevention of Surgical Site Infections

      Date: February 17th, 2016  

    • MRSA in the hospital and the community

      Date: January 28th, 2016  

    • Epidemiology, prevention and control of gram negative antibiotic-resistant rods

      Date: January 21st, 2016  

    • Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Lessons Learned for Infection Prevention and Control

      Date: January 20th, 2016  

    • Examining the “unmentionables” – sanitation and the global agenda

      Date: December 17th, 2015

    • Rising to the challenge of multidrug-resistant gram-negative rods (CRE & friends)

      Date: December 10th, 2015  

    • HIV treatment as prevention: The key to an AIDS-free generation

      Date: December 3rd, 2015

    • Salmonella: Trends, prevalence, and control

      Date: November 12th, 2015

    • Demystifying the CIC certification examination

      Date: November 5th, 2015

    • Root cause analysis used in the field of infection control

      Date: October 15th, 2015

    • The use of social media in support of global infection control

      Date: October 14th, 2015

    • Recurrent Clostridium difficile: The Role of Faecal Microbiota Transplants

      Date: September 29th, 2015

    • What did the Romans ever do for us?

      Date: September 28th, 2015

    • Evidence vs. Tradition: the evidence of bathing to reduce HAIs

      Date: September 24th, 2015

    • Can energy management benefit infection prevention?

      Date: September 17th, 2015

    • Is mandatory influenza vaccination for healthcare workers the best way to protect our patients?

      Date: September 3rd, 2015

    • Gastrointestinal endoscopes: a need to shift from disinfection to sterilization?

      Date: July 23rd, 2015  

    • To Glove or Not To Glove

      Date: July 21st, 2015  

    • Thinking tools for infection prevention and patient safety

      Date: July 16th, 2015  

    • Natural ventilation in healthcare facilities

      Date: June 29th, 2015  

    • Healthcare infection control lessons learned from recent outbreaks

      Date: June 28th, 2015  

    • Reducing catheter-associated UTIs in resource-limited settings

      Date: June 25th, 2015

    • Using IPAC resources wisely in Africa (*note class time)

      Date: June 16th, 2015

    • The power of influence

      Date: June 15th, 2015  

    • Preventing infections in healthcare workers: strategies and challenges

      Date: June 3rd, 2015  

    • Is your phone bugged? The role of mobile technology in infection control

      Date: May 21st, 2015

    • Vaccination of healthcare providers: A critical step toward patient safety

      Date: May 7th, 2015

    • Are wipes (towelettes) effective for surface decontamination in healthcare settings?

      Date: April 30th, 2015

    • A pragmatic approach to IPAC guidelines in an ambulatory care setting

      Date: April 16th, 2015

    • Feces management: Time to address the risks

      Date: April 9th, 2015

    • Prevention of CDI: What we find in the guidelines

      Date: March 26th, 2015

    • IPAC in correctional settings

      Date: March 12th, 2015

    • Preventing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections

      Date: March 5th, 2015  

    • Use of hygiene products to control the spread of virus in a hotel

      Date: February 19th, 2015  

    • Sleep quality in adult hospitalized patients with infection: an obervational study

      Date: February 12th, 2015

    • All that glistens is not clean

      Date: January 29th, 2015

    • Infections in home health care: prevalences, risks, and challenges

      Date: January 22nd, 2015

    • Spotlight on the future of healthcare-associated infections: a case study to inform global actions

      Date: January 14th, 2015  

    • Environmental cleaning in healthcare: Is monitoring of cleaning compliance really needed?

      Date: December 11th, 2014  

    • Chemotherapy – health, safety, and waste management issues

      Date: December 4th, 2014

    • The role of companion animals in infection transmission

      Date: November 20th, 2014

    • Debate: high-tech decontamination of the environment

      Date: November 18th, 2014  

    • Airborne Transmission and Precaution – Facts and Myths

      Date: November 17th, 2014  

    • Norovirus: understanding diversity in relation to detection, healthcare impact, control and prevention

      Date: November 17th, 2014  

    • Emerging respiratory viruses: Are healthcare workers protected?

      Date: November 13th, 2014

    • CBIC is making the certification process work for all!

      Date: November 6th, 2014  

    • Infection prevention in outpatient oncology settings

      Date: October 23rd, 2014

    • Healthcare laundry: Epidemiology and microbiology issues

      Date: October 16th, 2014  

    • Enhanced environmental cleaning in controlling Clostridium difficile infections in the hospital setting: Does it matter?

      Date: October 9th, 2014

    • Public reporting and disclosure of HAI rates: Positive impact or confusion?

      Date: October 8th, 2014

    • Infection prevention and control in Cystic Fibrosis

      Date: October 2nd, 2014

    • Health economic evaluation of an infection prevention and control program

      Date: September 18th, 2014  

    • Infection prevention and control – the Argentina experience

      Date: September 16th, 2014

    • Economic analysis of VRE: assessing attributable cost and length of stay

      Date: September 11th, 2014

    • Complacency about diseases, anxiety about vaccines: the meningitis perspective

      Date: January 1st, 1970